Are you a Parishioner???

Attending Mass or living in the boundaries does not make one a registered member. Those Catholics regularly attending Mass, participating in the Liturgy and/or joining one of our organizations are asked to register as members of the parish. By registering not only do you become part of our community, but it also assists us in fulfilling and planning the needs of our parish. Those seeking sacramental preparation, religious education, sponsor/godparent, validation, etc., must be current active parishioners. You may register by filling out a registration form by coming to the church office or downloading the form from our website ( and mailing or faxing it. All those who are 19 years and older will be receiving a letter in the mail to see if they would like to keep their registration as an adult. Please respond to the letter as they will be deleted if there is no reply. Also, if you move you need to update your address or you will be deleted.

Click here for a Registration form.